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VT DEW Session #2: Supporting & Retaining Diverse Educators - Shared screen with speaker view
@Caitlin Steele, she/her, ACSD, VTCLA
All of the resources we will be discussing, including the report and the slides for today’s webinar are available here: https://www.newenglandssc.org/vtdew/
@Caitlin Steele, she/her, ACSD, VTCLA
All of the resources we will be discussing, including the report and the slides for today’s webinar are available here: https://www.newenglandssc.org/vtdew/
@Caitlin Steele, she/her, ACSD, VTCLA
Here are the community agreements we will be using:> Participate fully and listen deeply> Share the air> Be open> Stories stay, lessons leave> Tame the technology> Be courageous> Learn forward
@Caitlin Steele, she/her, ACSD, VTCLA
We have shared a statement about our acknowledgement and have shared resources that can inform your own learning about land acknowledgement on our webpage: https://www.newenglandssc.org/vtdew/
@Caitlin Steele, she/her, ACSD, VTCLA
When in your breakout rooms, please introduce yourself, share your name, role, affiliation, and preferred pronouns; then share your first reaction to the quote.It may be helpful to have the language of these slides at your fingertips. Find that here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1v9vbhIRSJrWxoJcbEyP6pyCS9I4z2ZLtgohw__6lH_o/edit?usp=sharing
@Caitlin Steele, she/her, ACSD, VTCLA
Directions to engage the text: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AqlhUloPL_wGXniRNc2bTGWHimIOPK1VzAiNTzDVRfc/edit?usp=sharing
@Caitlin Steele, she/her, ACSD, VTCLA
Directions: Please take a moment to type one strategy or idea that feels promising and that you want to bring back to your community. Don’t press send yet.
Beth White, Big Picture, she/her
To address this problem, Big Picture Learning (https://www.bigpicture.org/) (BPL), College Unbound (https://www.collegeunbound.org/ ) (CU) and The Equity Institute (https://theequityinstitute.org/) have formed a partnership to support the development of a teacher internship program to recruit, train, and certify new teachers of color, drawing on the population of classified teacher aides whom have already demonstrated interest in preparing to teach, many of whom are persons of color, already working in existing innovative schools. The training will take place situated in the schools in which the aides currently work, and be connected to the innovations being implemented in those schools. The newly certified teachers will have the opportunity to remain in their schools and their communities with the benefits of increased prestige and compensation, and positioned for greater positive impact for students and the school community.
@Marsha Cassel (/she/her)
expanding our mentoring programs beyond a small stipend for helping a new employee
Meagan Roy
Consider changes to our licensing processes/procedures so that we have a path to licensure for candidates who may be overlooked because they don’t possess a current Vermont license…either out of state or out of country candidates.
create safe space to engage in relationship building
Julie Conrad, Georgia Middle
Advocate to have LSB’s in charge of initial licensing of educators (eliminating roadblocks to licensing eg. Praxis).
Edorah Frazer
Contacting higher ed. programs to encourage 1st and 2nd year students to engage in K-12 ed. to explore career paths in education.
Mark Kostin, GSP (he/him)
Affinity groups (school, district, or regional)
@Jess DeCarolis, AOE
A list of strategies for retaining, supporting and promoting will be shared on the website following this webinar. https://www.newenglandssc.org/vtdew/
Bryan Olkowski
Establish trust in creating the space for folks to want to be engaged in their schools and communities.
Justin Bouvier (he/him) - Mt. Abraham UM/HS
I am going to bring back to our district posting job posts in multiple languages, on the required site, as well as other sites that can be used to find more BIPOC colleagues.
Wayne Kermenski, Marlboro
Early teacher recruitment and incentives.
Robert Bliss
Virtual and regional affinity groups.
Janice Stockman
Identify recruitment sites in higher ed institutions throughout New England
Mary Reardon
Breaking barriers to licensing
James Nagle
Begin an ad campaign like Teach NYC, but for Vermont. TEACH VT - to actively recruit BIPOC educators.
commitment to racial justice included in every in-service
Michael Ruppel: Springfield HS
lower the bar to applying for a position
Ze Anderson-Brown (Video Only)
Broaden hiring practices to build a larger pool of candidates; build mentorship and support systems to attract diverse candidates. Train school leaders in equity and antiracist practices.
Jay Nichols: VPA
Provide easier pathway to teaching licensure for underserved populations so they are more likely to move to VT or can more easily receive a teaching license if they already live here
@Ben Freeman, he/him, VTLFF
Empower superintendents with discretionary budget to support additional “costs” of being a BIPOC educator in a predominantly white state and school system
@Andrew Prowten AOE
support individuals in the licensure process
Mike McRaith, VPA, he/him
Making related data more public
@Erin Maguire (she/her) EWSD, VCSEA
Develop intentional connections for diverse educators in affinity spaces to support their needs. Also, ensure there is a clear process for bias response in our systems to make sure experiences teachers have related to bias actions are addressed through reparations.
Juliette Longchamp - VT
Supporting teachers who are on provisional licenses through the peer review process or other way to become properly certified.
Promoting open conversation with the intent of listening
Patrick Halladay--Vermont Agency of Education
Collaborating to develop a pipeline for New Americans to have an achievable path to teaching.
Cathy Newton
Making the path to licensure easier for people of different cultures already living in our state and have been teachers in their own country.
Keeping up the energy behind the state wide teachers of color meet up and affinity group
Nicole Mace
Better pathways to licensure for support staff employees
Kelly Bushey
look at the resources listed in the report to see how we might support people of color in our district
Casey Provost
Building connections with colleges/universities to support recruitment practices
Be explicit when a new person of color comes on board that 1 there is a problem and 2 it is not their job to fix the problem
Have a community that welcomes the conversations and is willing to continue when something is challenging.
Jennifer Miller-Arsenault
Focus on a sense of belonging
Hannah Miller she/her NVU
Strategy: Have multiple explicit conversations with new colleagues about the racist structures we are working to transform; be open about the problems; and convey to the new colleague that it’s not their job to fix the problems, or to be "the diversity."
Kate Grodin
Use restorative circles with adults to break down hierarchies and increase vulnerability & inclusivity among all staff- be sure to offer a BIPOC affinity circle.
Alyssa Chen (she/her)
Have affinity spaces for POC to learn and heal. And also affinity spaces for white people to do thier work. Having POC in those early spaces when White people are learning about race and racism does a lot of harm.
Michael Martin, SBSD
Creating pathways to education careers for young Vermonters of color
Lynn Cota
Work with higher education partners to broaden pathways to licensure. Work to expand our search for new employees.
Xusana • she • VT
Have explicit convos w/ new colleagues of marginalized groups. Acknowledge that it's not their job to correct inequity, and that the institution is committed to doing the long-term work. Be upfront about shortcomings.
Zach McLaughlin (he/him)--Springfield SD
Micorcreditialing for culturally responsive teaching
Xusana • she • VT
Provide opportunities for more people of color to participate in events/activities at schools. Have role models like peers/students who can help people feel brave enough to step up.
Lindsey Halman (she/her)
The policies, practices, curriculum, schedule, etc. needs to be infused with anti-racist practices. It cannot be an opt in. It is an ALL in.
Wendy Letourneau
Support the efforts of people previously licensed in their home country to become licensed in Vermont
Jason Broughton, State Librarian
Assist people in orienting being an educator as helping shape the world for diverse groups and opinions that are reflective of everyone. A challenge to ourselves!
@Caitlin Steele, she/her, ACSD, VTCLA
Please take a moment and share your thoughts about today’s session. Your feedback will help inform the design for our next session: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScrjoO6ddx0sG_kF8ei-UAJQgp3wGYAo9GZKU0fMJxC2sNihA/viewform
@Ben Freeman, he/him, VTLFF
Thank you all for participating and joining this important work!
Juliette Longchamp - VT